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About the Mortenson Family

Stewardship has been a central tenet of the Mortenson family.  Their belief in the value of service to the communities they live and work in has been, and continues to be the hallmark of their involvement.  It is summed up as follows:  Doing the right thing; lifting others up; helping them succeed.
Over the last seven decades the family’s ethos has guided them as they have built the M.A. Mortenson Companies into a premier general construction company in the United States and abroad.  To further their passion for stewardship, the family started the Vermilion Group to extend this value into impact investing to build greater good, and make positive social, economic and environmental impact.
Through the investments the Vermilion Group seeks to make, the family will ensure that the learnings and success derived from what they have built with M.A. Mortenson Companies will be shared with founders and families who are looking for a long-term oriented partner with whom to grow a business, or eventually transition their business to.

The Mortenson Family Foundation

The mission of the Mortenson Family Foundation is to build partnerships to strengthen community-driven approaches that advance equity, opportunity, and sustainable systems.  This work is steeped in the core values of Community, Service, Family, Integrity, Responsibility and Humility.  Since 1999 the Foundation has been focused on the following areas of interest:

  • Expanding opportunities for Children and Families (Minneapolis and St. Paul)

  • Sustaining environmental systems (Minnesota)

  • Strengthening developing communities (Africa and Central America)

In addition to the Foundation using its assets to make grants to support the areas of interest, it also deploys an Impact Investing strategy with its assets to make an impact.  The Foundation seeks to invest to provide both a social and environmental benefit to communities as well as a financial return to ensure a stable capital base for grantmaking well into the future.

Our Approach

Sustainable Future.jpg

Building an equitable, sustainable future is the guiding commitment of the Mortenson family.

We manage our businesses over generations, not in quarters or even decades. This enables us to make decisions in every instance, with a lens of long-term impact. 

Partnerships_Diverse Meeting.jpg

For more than 65 years, we've been building great businesses and great partnerships.

Smart adaptation and diversification has not only kept our family business healthy, it has kept us at the leading edge of change. Through Vermilion, we seek to equip other businesses so they can achieve similar exceptional results.



doesn't have

a finish line. 

Doing well by doing good is the Mortenson legacy, and we’ve never wavered. It’s led by a patient view of growth, supported by a commitment to community, the environment, and social responsibility.

Great Businesses.jpg

We're looking for great

businesses who are

doing good.

Our focus is companies $5-75 million in revenue that are poised for growth and impact. To these relationships, we bring a commitment to impact investing and a broad range of expertise and resources to build success that lasts generations.

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