David Mortenson

Chairman, Vermilion Group

David Mortenson is President of Vermilion, the CEO of the parent company, M. A. Mortenson Companies, Inc., and Chairman of Mortenson Construction, a privately-held U.S. based, top-20 developer, builder and engineering services provider serving the commercial, institutional and energy sectors headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Some of the company’s most notable accomplishments include:

  • North America’s largest design builder of wind and solar energy
  • The largest sports builder in America
  • Awarded “Best Place to Work” over 40 times in multiple location over the past ten years
  • Among Forbes’ 500 Largest Private Companies (#93)
  • Dedicated to giving back 5% of the company’s net pre-tax profits to local charities every year

David joined the family business after serving in the Navy. He worked his way up through the project management ranks to eventually lead the company's west coast business before returning to company headquarters to ultimately lead the family business.